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Benefits to Our Customers

Convenience and Reliability

At Wholesale Currency Services our entire wholesale banknote operation is managed centrally, enabling us to provide our customers with the benefits of total accountability as well as speedy resolution of issues.

One quick phone call gives you easy access to the widest range of currencies as well as the expert service and advice you have come to expect from American Express.

Personalised Customer Service

Whether your corporation operates through single or multiple locations, Wholesale Currency Services can provide you with service that is tailor-made to your company's requirements. Our experienced, dedicated dealers constantly monitor the foreign exchange markets to provide expert advice, including up to date market commentary, current competitive exchange rates and counterfeit detection information.

Streamlined Ordering & Processing Systems

Wholesale Currency Services' accounting and reconciliation area manages over 1,000 transactions a day, ensuring that we receive and make payments efficiently, accurately and on time.

Cost Savings

Leveraging the transaction volume and financial expertise of Wholesale Currency Services, we can ensure our customers are provided with currency at competitive exchange rates.

1300 133 289

Registered Trademark of American Express Company. American Express Wholesale Currency Services Pty Ltd. ABN 27 097 310 873

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