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How to Set Up and Use a Mobile Wallet

When it's time to grab a cup of coffee on the go, fill a prescription or pick up groceries before heading home – the quicker you can get in, out and on with your day – the better. That's probably why the mobile wallet payment method is soaring in popularity. But if you haven't joined this tap-to-pay trend just yet, you're certainly not alone. Here, you'll learn all the basics of a mobile wallet, including what it is, how to set it up and how to use it.

November 12, 2020 in Benefits

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What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet offers a quick, easy and secure way to make payments – whether you're grabbing a cup of coffee or meal curbside, filling a prescription or picking up groceries before heading home. Instead of swiping or inserting a traditional credit card, or using a contactless card – you can use your mobile device to pay for purchases. But first, you'll have to get your credit card set up on your device!

How do I set up my mobile wallet?

You may need to download a mobile wallet app on to your device. There are several different types to choose from depending on your device, including Apple Pay®*, Google PayTM*, and Samsung Pay©. Simply download your preferred mobile wallet app from your phone's app store, follow the steps and add your eligible credit card of choice. You can also use your eligible Card with Amex Pay on eligible AndroidTM devices1. Soon, you'll be making fast and convenient purchases without ever needing to reach for your card.

How and where can I use tap to pay?

Once you have your mobile wallet set up, it's time to try it out. Keep in mind, not all merchants accept contactless payments. Check to see if the merchant's reader has a contactless symbol (it looks like a Wi-Fi symbol lying on its side):

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If so, it's enabled for mobile wallet payments. Thanks to short range wireless technology, the store reader is able to pick up a signal from your mobile device when it’s very close to it. So, simply touch your device to the reader (or hold it an inch or two away), wait for the beep or other indication of authorization – and you're done.

Is my mobile wallet safe?

Shop confidently knowing that when using your American Express Card via the wallet app2, there are four layers of protection.

1. Secure device

Biometric data, like a fingerprint, face recognition or a device PIN mean no one can pay on your device without your authorization.

2. Encrypted details

To make sure transactions are safe from fraud, your Card details are never stored on your phone. Instead, your device is given a unique token that’s then sent to the seller.

3. Amex authentication

Every contactless mobile payment is authorized by us, and only us.

4. Fraud protection and alerts

You’ll get the same Fraud Protection Guarantee3 as you have on your physical card. You can also set up alerts that let you know instantly if we spot anything odd or unusual on your Account.

In addition, if you have a rewards credit card linked to your mobile wallet, you'll still earn those same great rewards when paying with your device. So, no matter where your busy day takes you – morning coffee with clients, a grab-and-go lunch, or a trip to the store – taking care of your to-do list has never been smarter, faster or easier.

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