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Healthy Eating: 4 Smart Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating is an important lifestyle choice. And despite what you might think from all the different diet and meal plans out there, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyone should consume a balanced diet filled with lots of delicious proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. With a bit of mindfulness and practice, you can make smart choices without skimping on flavour and satisfaction. Here are four easy ways to get on track and make healthy eating a habit. And who knows? They might also save you money (and earn you some points on eligible purchases).

July 24, 2020 in Life

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Healthy eating tip #1: Drink water, and enough of it.

You know you need to, but actually doing it is the trick. Our bodies contain a large percentage of water, so it makes sense that cells, tissues and organs need it to help them function and to regulate body temperature. And while juices, coffee and other drinks are tasty, they aren’t a replacement for plain-old water.


Your best bet for keeping up with water intake at home is to create a hydration station: Fill up a pretty carafe that you’re excited to drink from and keep it close. Add some lemon or cucumber, if you want, to make each sip a little more fun. When you’re out, carry a reusable water bottle for quick gulps between activities. (A nice option is a large container with level markers so you can see how much you’re drinking over a specific period of time.) If you keep forgetting, try a little tech: Set a reminder on your mobile device to give you a friendly heads-up when it’s time to rehydrate. And don’t forget to cut down on caffeine and sodium, which can undo all that good hydration.

Healthy eating tip #2: Cook at home more often.

Cooking at home is great for your wallet, but it’s also a perfect way to stay on top of what’s going into your body. Not all restaurants offer up highly processed fast food or overly indulgent dishes, but when you’re the one cooking, you can be sure of what you’re consuming. You’re also in control of portion sizes. Another bonus: You’ll earn five points for every $1 spent on eligible grocery store purchases made with your American Express CobaltTM Card in Canada, up to $30,000 annually.1 It’s a great way to boost your point balance and get everything on your grocery list.

Healthy eating tip #3: Eat a wide variety of foods. 

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s a key to good nutrition, too. Eating an array of different foods means you’ll be consuming a whole host of different nutrients. Plus, you’ll avoid getting into the same-old, same-old meal rut. So get adventurous: Look online for recipe inspiration and test your cooking skills on a new ingredient. Or try your hand at recreating foods you’d normally only order at restaurants. If you’re short on time, sign up for a meal delivery service to change up your weekly menu. 

Healthy eating tip #4: Make healthy takeout choices. 

Takeout is perfect for special occasions, when you’re totally wiped after a long day or just want to treat yourself. But you can still be mindful by making healthier choices. Skip the sugary soda and avoid fast-food burgers and fries. Instead, opt for something like a fancy salad that you’d be less inclined to make yourself, or mains that aren’t deep-fried or overly processed — think a juicy grilled chicken breast versus a crunchy breaded one. Don’t forget about piling your plate with vegetables and other plant foods, which can help you get your daily quota of vitamins and minerals. And since you’re ordering in, use your American Express Cobalt Card to get 5 points for every $1 spent on eligible delivery and takeout purchases in Canada, up to $30,000 annually.1

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