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Identity theft


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What is identity theft?


Identity theft occurs when someone obtains personal information such as your name, address, date of birth or other personal identifiers such as a Social Insurance Number, driver’s license number, credit or charge Card number, telephone number or other account number without your consent.


Identity thieves are able to use this information to open credit accounts, bank accounts, telephone service accounts, and make major purchases—all in your name. This information can also be used to take over existing accounts or to open new accounts.


Identity theft can result in damage to your credit rating and denials of credit and job offers. That’s why it’s important to keep all your financial details safe and secure.

What identity theft can look like

Dumpster diving

"Dumpster-divers" go through your trash looking for the papers you've thrown away that may contain information that can be used for fraudulent purposes.



You may be misled into entering your personal information on a replica website that is designed to appear legitimate. Identity thieves then use the acquired personal information to access your accounts.


You receive a phone call from someone who claims to work for your financial institution, but is actually an identity thief. They ask you about your account details looking to acquire your personal information.


Fraudsters send fake emails, create bogus websites and make phone calls, pretending to be from a bank or credit Card company to trick you into sharing information.

Preventing identity theft


To help you stay protected, here are some easy ways to prevent identity theft.


Detecting identity theft

Step 1

Contact the national bureaus and request copies of your credit report.

Step 2

Review all of your credit reports carefully.

Step 3

If you find any incorrect or suspicious information, contact the credit bureau(s) and relevant creditor(s) immediately to correct your information.

What you can do if you’ve been a victim of identity theft


It’s important to take action right away if you think you may have been a victim of identity theft. Here’s what you can do.


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