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Introducing American Express @ Work, Corporate Online Payments. Quick, Simple, Secure.

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Corporate Online Payments. Payment tools for @ Work Program Administrators:

  • Pay corporate accounts online
  • Quick and easy
  • Secure
  • On time, every time

Quick and easy:

  • Robust search functionality
  • Pay immediately or schedule future payments
  • Track payment status
  • View payment history


  • When you enroll, you will designate one senior person in your company to maintain the program
  • Only this person can manage bank account information and authorize online payors

On time, every time:

  • Schedule payments and avoid delinquency assessments
  • Pay closer to the due date and hold on to company funds longer
  • Replenish available credit within 15 minutes of payment for most accounts

Corporate Online Payments.

Let’s see how easy it is to manage payments with Corporate Online Payments.

To access Corporate Online Payments, log into American Express @ Work.

Select "View and Pay Corporate Accounts".

Select the type of accounts that you would like to view:

  • All Corporate Accounts
  • All Corporate Purchasing Card Accounts
  • Search Corporate Accounts

You can use the "Search All Accounts" feature to filter your accounts by a number of properties including:

  • Basic Control Account
  • Payment/Aging Status
  • Cardmember Name
  • Card Account Number

Select the accounts to be paid using one of the three options.

  • "Statement Balance" is the balance that appeared on the last monthly statement
  • "Current Balance" reflects activity since the last monthly statement plus any unpaid balances
  • "Other" allows you to specify a different amount
You can pay all accounts at once.

Enter your payment date or if you want to schedule a future payment, simply enter a future payment date by clicking on the calendar.

Review your payment details and then submit.

Your payment will be posted in 24-48 hours. Make a note of the tracking number to view your payment status. Your company’s credit limit is refreshed within 15 minutes for most accounts.

To view and modify scheduled payments, select “Cancel or Change Scheduled Payments” in the dropdown menu within Corporate Online Payments.

The Scheduled Payments transaction list contains all payments that you have scheduled for the future. Note: You can modify a payment until midnight (Pacific Standard Time) of the scheduled payment date.

To review or modify a scheduled payment, simply click on the Transaction Number.

To cancel a payment, select the transaction by checking the box on the right-hand side and click on the “Cancel Selected” button.

To view previous payments, select “View Online Payment History” in the dropdown menu or click on the Payment History menu tab within Corporate Online Payments.

To view details of previous payments, click on the Transaction Number.

Let’s see how easy it is to manage the Corporate Online Payments program.

When you enroll in Corporate Online Payments, you will designate a person within your organization as the Authorized Banking Officer (ABO). The ABO will manage the company banking information online and designate others to pay.

Anyone with a valid American Express @ Work ID can be given access as a Payor.

To manage your company’s Corporate Online Payments program, click on the “Manage Enrollment” link from the Corporate Online Payments section of American Express @ Work.

The Enrollment page has four main sections:

  • Company Information
  • Authorized Payors
  • Banking Information
  • Terms and Conditions
The Company section contains your Master Control Account number for your Corporate Card program and/ or, Remittance Control Account numbers, for your Corporate Purchasing Card program.

The Authorized Payors section allows you to designate individuals to pay online. You can add, edit, or remove Payors. Note: ABO can designate up to 3 Authorized Payors for the company. From here you can also contact customer services.

The Banking Information section contains the company’s bank account details.

If at any time your company wishes to stop making payments online, you can click the “Suspend Program” button.

Once you’ve accepted the Terms and Conditions, click Submit.

Sign up for Corporate Online Payments today.

Corporate Online Payments, the better way to pay. American Express Corporate Services Operations. 1-866-568-0308. 8AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

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