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Tips to prevent fraud


It’s important to keep all your financial details safe and secure. Here’s what you can do to help minimize the risk of fraud.

Most importantly…

• Never let anyone else use your debit, credit or charge cards.

• Immediately sign the back of new cards.

• Always destroy old, expired cards by cutting them up.

• Let us know immediately if you’ve lost your Card, or think it may be stolen. We will then be able to cancel the Card and prevent fraudulent transactions.

• If you’re using any mobile wallet, call us immediately at the number on the back of your Card if you believe your access credentials for your mobile payments enabled device have been lost, compromised or stolen or someone has used or may use your eligible device or your access credentials without your authorization. You should also change your access credentials immediately to avoid any unauthorized use of your Card or your personal information.

• Maintain the confidentiality of your American Express user ID.

• Do not share your device’s access credentials such as PIN, Passcode, Pattern or Fingerprint. If you share these access credentials with any other person, they may be able to use your Card through mobile payments methods and get access to your personal and payment information.

• If you receive an unfamiliar e-mail from American Express regarding an action on any mobile wallet that you did not take or do not recognize, call us immediately.

Shop wisely online

• When shopping online, only use "secure" web pages. A web page is secure if there is a locked padlock in the lower   right-hand corner of your browser or if the address starts with ‘https’, where the ‘s’ stands for secure.

Review your statements regularly

• Keep copies of your receipts and compare them to your statement.

• Call your card issuer as soon as possible if an unrecognized charge or charges appear on one of your statements.

• When no longer required, make sure you destroy or securely dispose of any unwanted statements.

• Checking your statements is easy to do with Online Services or the American Express app – you can check your transactions daily. Or register for Account Alerts to monitor your account activity, with weekly account balance updates by email or text message.

Protect yourself from identity theft

• Safeguard all your personal information and documents.

• Shred any sensitive information from financial organizations or utility companies when no longer needed.

• Review your credit report (see below) regularly; this may be the earliest way to identify fraudulent activity when you   are the victim of identity theft.

Protect yourself from phishing

Phishing takes the form of fake emails or websites that try and get you to part with sensitive financial information like log-in details or passwords.

• Never release your Card number, Card security code or password to an unknown party.

• Beware of parties calling or emailing you and requesting security information. If you are unsure about the identity   of a caller, phone the company back using the number on your Card or statement. Note: American   Express® is obliged to identify you when calling you. We will normally ask only for partial answers to security   questions.

• Keep your anti-virus software and firewall up-to-date to prevent fraudsters accessing your details via your computer.

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