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Detecting Identity Theft

Fortunately, detecting identity theft can be fairly simple for diligent consumers.
Just follow these three steps:

1. Contact the Credit Bureaus

First, contact the national bureaus and request copies of your credit report.

2. Review Your Credit Reports

Review all of your credit reports carefully and make sure you:

• Recognize all accounts listed in your report and confirm that the balances are in line with your records.

• Recognize all persons and entities that have requested or received a copy of your report. (If you do not recognize a person or entity, you may want to inquire further).

• Confirm all inquiries to your credit report for loans or accounts. (If there are accounts you do not recognize, this may be a sign that an identity thief has fraudulently opened an account in your name).

• Confirm existing and previous addresses (If there are addresses you do not recognize, this may be a sign that an identity thief has redirected your mail).

• Check that your Social Insurance Number and employment history are accurate.

• Check that all this information is consistent across all credit bureaus.

3. Correct Your Information

If you find any incorrect or suspicious information, contact the credit bureau(s) immediately. If the incorrect or suspicious information concerns a particular creditor, you will want to contact that creditor as well.