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Don’t let late payments and costly payment collection slow your business down. Automatic Bill Payment (ABP) from American Express can speed up the payment process and improve customer retention. Give customers with recurring Charges the convenience of paying automatically with American Express Cards. And get paid on time.*

Help Customer Retention
Customers who can pay recurring bills automatically are more likely to maintain relationships with you
      •    Customers don't have to worry about writing Cheques or missed payments – even when they're away           from home
      •    Customers enrolled in one of our rewards programs earn miles, points, or cash back each time a bill is            paid automatically

Reduce your costs, enhance your service
      •    Improve your efficiency by putting an end to late notices and telephone reminders
      •    Payments are made to your company automatically
      •    Customers can enroll on the Automatic Bill Payment portion of your website, or through your            customer service centers
      •    By giving us a URL and/or customer service number, we can list your business as a participating            Merchant

How it works
Get set up with Automatic Bill Payments:
1. System Check: As you already accept American Express, determine that your existing billing systems are capable of storing Card data and charging customers automatically with their Cards
2. Participation Review: Once you've determined that your systems can accommodate Card storage and automatic billing, review and submit the required Program Participation Agreement. When you've qualified,American Express will add your contact information to the Automatic Bill Pay website directory
3. Processing: Customers interested in setting up their bills to be paid automatically may request to Charge their bills to their American Express Card on a recurring basis. They should provide Account information and billing authorization to your business
4. Payment: Submit authorizations to American Express as you normally do. Payments will be automatically deposited to your Account, speeding up the collection process
5. Transaction Completion: American Express will complete the process by billing Cardmembers the required amount on their monthly American Express statements

*Account must be in good standing balance.