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Merchant benefits

Membership and its benefits
American Express supports our Merchants through a variety of communication channels that help to reinforce the benefits of using our Cards such as build-in rewards and other unique benefits.

Connecting Cardmembers to your Business.
We connect Cardmembers and Merchants through a variety of regional and national innovative marketing programs. We also encourage our Cardmembers to spend at Merchants in their local neighbourhoods through a variety of incentive and rewards programs.

Industry Initiatives
Everyday industry purchases have never been so rewarding!
We work with Merchants in industries where our Cardmembers are spending every day. By designing a variety of awareness and spend- stimulation marketing initiatives we encourage Cardmember spend at these Merchants. A innovative suite of Card benefits further encourages everyday spending with many Card products offering additional rewards on transactions in these industries.

Restaurant Sponsorships
American Express has been a proud supporter of the restaurant industry in Canada for many years. From sponsorships of associations like the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS), dining programs such as Winterlicious and Summerlicious in Toronto, to culinary events like Table of Hope in Montreal, and Taste of Winterlude in Ottawa, American Express has found creative ways to support many restaurants across Canada.