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Your offer - around the corner and all around the world.

American Express Selects™ is a global marketing platform designed to drive incremental business at participating Merchants in the travel, shopping and entertainment industries.

The American Express Selects™ marketing platform is an online channel that gives you the opportunity to place attractive offers right in front of Cardmembers, at no additional program cost* and to promote your business to them when they are making their purchasing decisions. Merchant offers can, at times, also receive communication exposure and promotional support through other American Express marketing channels and campaigns.

When you present an enticing offer to our Cardmembers, your business can benefit by attracting new customers and building loyalty as well. Click here to let us know that you are interested in participating and our marketing team will contact you!

To see how your Selects offer could appear, take a look at some of Our current Merchant offers.


*The participating Merchant is responsible for all costs relating to the offer including fulfillment of the offer.