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Develop Your Internal Resources

The information below has been gathered to provide valuable tips and insights to help you streamline operations and make your business more efficient.

Top Five Consumer Trends for Canadian Business Owners
Canadian consumer behaviours are always changing. New trends pop up quickly, some with lasting effects and others that fade out seemingly overnight. All of them influence commercial markets, which in turn, influence businesses across the country. Here are five consumer trends with added business insight that can help you adapt to the changes and plan for scalable growth.
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Quick Ways to Reassess Your Target Market
Even if you only opened your business a few months ago, it's important to continually reassess your target market. This is because markets are always changing, and knowing where your business fits can help you grow. Below is a list of questions whose answers may help reveal new insights about your target market.
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Five Keys to Improving Staff Performance
By Kevin Graff
While product assortments and displays are better and pricing is sharper than ever before, so many sales continue to be lost on retail sales floors every day worldwide. Why? What’s often missing is a sales team that is both driven and capable of selling more to the customers already in the store. This isn’t about creating ‘pushy’ salespeople. It’s about creating a sense of urgency, a sense of confidence and a true ability to close more sales.
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The Language of Foreign Exchange
By Stephen Kuhl
The terminology and acronyms used in foreign exchange can be confusing from SWIFT to IBAN and BIC to SEPA. Here is some of the language that can help you understand the activity and life cycle of international transactions.
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Hear From Your Fellow Merchants!
We spoke to a Merchant in the Toronto area to understand what being a small business owner means to them and how their community plays an active role in driving their business.
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Card Present Fraud Prevention
Protect your business by watching this short video brought to you by American Express.
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