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American Express has assembled insights and data that you can adapt to help your business grow.

Why Canadians choose to Shop Small: How small business bring vibrancy to local communities
While large retailers have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, price point and a high volume of merchandise, Canadian consumers are still moved to support the small businesses in their neighbourhoods.
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Blending the new with the tried and true: Finding the right marketing mix for your small business
In today's highly crowded market, small business owners are struggling to stand out. While on average, business owners report three quarters of their customers are repeat visitors, they are still threatened by the appeal of competitor offerings both regarding service and price.
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Stay competitive by investing in your greatest asset – your employees
With increased demands placed on today’s workforce and the constant need to adapt core skillsets, training and development is top of mind with businesses. Investing in employee growth has evolved from a consideration to a vital attraction and retention tool, with 80 per cent of new hires expecting training and development as a condition of employment.
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Practical tips to help manage risk in international trade
In response to economic conditions, Canadian businesses are increasingly looking overseas for new growth opportunities. With increasing emphasis on international trade, we expect this trend to accelerate.

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