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It’s easy doing business with American Express.

When dealing with any of our Merchants, we believe keeping it simple is the best approach. Here you’ll find the basic information you’ll need once you have set up an American Express Merchant Account.

Your American Express transactions occur in one of three ways:
     •   Card transactions, with the Cardmember present.
     •   Card transactions, with the Cardmember not present (such as via mail order, telephone, or          online).
     •   American Express Travellers Cheques.


Your Statement will either arrive by mail, or you can download it from the Online Merchant Services (OMS) website.

American Express offers you two main payment options. If you do not choose a payment option, you will automatically be enrolled in the net pay option.

Net Pay:
We’ll pay the net amount we owe you. We arrive at this amount by deducting the Discount Rate on each transaction, prior to settlement, rather than asking for payment at the end of the month. We may also offset any adjustments to your Account, such as credits, refunds or Chargebacks.

Gross Pay:
You are paid the full amount of the Charges submitted, and then a second adjustment occurs to deduct the Discount Rate and other applicable amounts as per your Agreement.


To find out when we pay your business, please consult your Card Acceptance Agreement and review the selected Merchant Payment Plan. If you can’t find your Merchant Payment Plan, please contact Merchant Services at 1-800-268-9877 (Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST).


Refunds you made to Cardmembers, outstanding fees, or a Chargeback debited to your Account after a Cardmember Dispute, may put your account in debit balance.


If you submit monthly transactions to American Express, we’ll deduct what you owe us from the next payment(s) we make to your business. If those payments are insufficient to clear the outstanding amount, we’ll contact you to make other arrangements.

You can also settle a debit balance by setting up debit Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) on your Account and sending us a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement.

Or, you can make your payment by cheque:

Please make cheque payable to: Amex Bank of Canada
Then send it to:
Amex Bank of Canada
PO Box 9000 Station B RMB
Willowdale, ON M2K 2R6

Please ensure that your American Express 10 digit Merchant number is written on the back of the Cheque in order for us to identify your Merchant Account.