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The American Express® App

There's lots to love
about the Amex App.

Now it's easier than ever to manage your Account,
whether you're at home or on the go.

Use Points for Purchases^

1. Make an eligible purchase and charge it to your Card
2. Log in to the Amex App
3. Click on an eligible purchase and redeem points while on the go.

That’s it! A statement credit will be applied to your account usually within 48 hours.

Push Notifications

Set up personalized Notifications for Payment
and Spend reminders, such as Payment Due,
Purchase Notifications2, Balance Update and
Statement Ready to stay on top of your account.

Refer a friend

Refer friends with your own personalized
referral link, so they too can enjoy the
benefits of being a Cardmember.

Check your spend

View your balance, recent transactions and
activity, including pending transactions.

View transactions

View up to 5 months of previous activity
and sort by credit and debit transactions,
and view PDF statements.

Pay your bill

Access your account, virtually anywhere you go –
and quickly make payments.*

Biometric authentication login

Get quick access to your account with
biometric authentication on supported devices
with iOS8 or higher.1


See your transaction information and more in
a single view. From here you can also get a
quick snapshot of your account status.

Tap and Pay

Within the Amex App, you can activate your eligible American Express Card3 with Amex Pay
for easy and convenient contactless payments using an eligible AndroidTM device4. Just log
into the App, click “Activate Amex Pay”, and follow the prompts. Once activated, simply
unlock your phone and pay by tapping it on the contactless payment reader, wherever
American Express contactless payments are accepted.5 Plus, you can continue to rely on our
Fraud Protection Guarantee.6


Download now

Terms of Service ►

Amex Pay Terms of Use >>

^ You can redeem Membership Rewards points for a statement credit towards an Eligible Travel Purchase charged to an Eligible Card. You must redeem a minimum of 1,000 points per redemption. Redemption rates may vary by Eligible Card. Statement credits on your Card Account should not exceed the aggregate amount of the Eligible Purchase(s) on your Eligible Card. If an otherwise Eligible Purchase participates in the American Express Installment Program, only the amount billed each month will be counted as an Eligible Purchase. You can register for online services to view your Eligible Purchases and to redeem online. Only Eligible Purchases posted to your Card Account during the last 3 months, up to 150 most recent Eligible Purchases, will be displayed for redemption. If you wish to redeem points towards an Eligible Purchase within the last 12 months that is not displayed online, please contact us at the number listed on the back of your Card.

*Restrictions and limitations apply.

1. iPhone 5s and above only.

2. By turning on purchase notifications, you will receive a notification when there is purchase activity on your Card. Purchase activity includes purchases made with your physical Card or mobile wallet, as well as pre-authorizations made on your Card by merchants like gas stations and hotels, which are temporary and subject to change.

*If you already have purchase notifications for your Card enabled with a mobile wallet on your device, you will not receive them from the Amex Mobile app. To receive purchase notifications from the Amex Mobile app, you must first disable purchase notifications from other mobile wallets. Supplementary Cardmembers may also receive purchase notifications.

3. Available on eligible Cards. Eligible Cards include any American Express Consumer, Small Business or Corporate Card that is not cancelled or suspended and that is issued to you by Amex Bank of Canada. Prepaid cards and products (such as the American Express Gift Card) as well as Corporate Purchasing Cards, Global Dollar Cards and Corporate Meeting Cards are not eligible for the Amex Pay Program.

4. An NFC enabled Android device running on Kitkat 4.4 or higher is eligible for Amex Pay.

5. At participating American Express contactless merchants on eligible devices. Transaction limits may apply.

6. We will guarantee protection against fraudulent payments on your Card, provided you have taken the responsibility to notify us immediately, and you have complied with your Card Terms and Conditions.

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