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What is a Credit Score?

Your credit score is one of your most important financial tools. Understanding your credit score can help you plan for the future and is a strong indicator of your likelihood of being approved for a credit card. This guide will help you understand your credit score, from how it’s calculated to some few simple ways to manage it and increase your borrowing options.

Credit Score explained

Choosing a Card to suit your needs

When you’re choosing a credit card it’s important to think of your spending habit:


Credit cards allow you to carry a balance from month to month, as long as regular minimum repayments are made on time. However, carrying a balance will mean you will pay interest charges on your spending.


Charge cards, on the other hand require you to pay the full balance every month.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit and Charge Cards Explained


Has talk of interest, annual fees, rates and percentages left you feeling confused?


Our simple Credit and Charge Card guides are a great place to start.


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Using your Card Abroad


Where is American Express accepted


How Credit Cards and Charge Cards work



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