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Monitor Purchases

Review posted and pending transactions on your Account Summary, or quickly sort through past transactions with transaction filters.



Check Spending Power

Find out instantly if a large purchase you are planning can be approved (on eligible Cards).1



Request a Change to Your Credit Limit

You can have financial flexibility by increasing your credit limit. If approved, changes take effect within 15 minutes2. You can also request a credit limit decrease.



Intelligent Security Systems

At American Express, we take various measures to help enhance the safety and security of your Online Account. Learn more.







Explore account management tools






Get statements faster

Go paperless to get Online-Only statements as soon as they are ready. You can download up to six months of recent statements or order statements dating back up to 7 years.



Receive Payment Alerts

Enroll to receive Payment Due Reminders and Payment Received Alerts with Account Alerts.3



Enroll in Pre-Authorized Payments4

Set up pre-authorized payments to automatically manage your account balance each month from your bank account.



Make one-time payments

Need to make a payment to your American Express Card Account? Enrolled Cardmembers can make a one-time payment directly to their American Express Card account. Terms apply5.







Getting started?






Add an Additional Card

Share the experience by adding someone to your Account.5



Replace a Card

Quickly request a replacement Card online and check the status of a request online.



Update Your Contact Information

Keep your address, phone number, and other details up to date so we can contact you with important account information. 





Get Rewarded with Amex Offers

Register your Card for offers with one click so you get rewarded at the places you like to shop, dine, travel, and more (on eligible Cards)7






Your Account at Your Fingertips

On the go? Use your Online Services User ID and password to login to the American Express® App. Track spending, make payments and get important push notifications from virtually anywhere.



Terms & Conditions


1. You may be approved to temporarily spend over your credit limit but you may be subject to an overlimit fee. Any overlimit transactions will increase your Minimum Payment Due. This request is not valid for cash withdrawals. Certain changes to your account could affect the approved amount.

2. To be eligible, you must be an American Express Cardmember for more than six (6) months and account must be in good standing. Credit limits are subject to change in accordance with your Cardmember Agreement

3. Account Alerts is a free service for American Express Cardmembers. However, your cell phone service provider may apply fees for incoming text messages. Please contact them for further details.

4. With the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, a predetermined amount is debited from your bank account on the payment due date each month. This payment option is only available to Consumer or Small Business Accounts. The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan is currently not available for Corporate Accounts.

Any Canadian dollar deposit bank account held at a Canadian financial institution is eligible for enrollment in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. The account must belong to you or, for joint accounts, you must have signing authority for the account. Foreign accounts are not eligible. If you choose to register a business account, you must be a signatory on that account.

Your enrollment in pre-authorized payments or changes made to your enrollment will not take effect until your next billing cycle. You are still required to make a manual payment for the current billing period. 

Depending on your financial institution, it may take up to 3 business days for your deposit account to be debited by your financial institution. Please check with your financial institution for details.Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your bank account when making payments. Fees for a returned payment are listed within your disclosure statement. For full terms and conditions of the Electronic Payment Program Agreement, visit

5. Your initial payment can only be scheduled 3 calendar days after you have successfully enrolled in the Payment Program. Subsequent payments can be credited to your account same day if submitted prior to 8 P.M. (ET).

6. Account must be in good standing. An additional card is a supplementary card. Supplementary Card annual fee may apply.  Supplementary Card annual fee varies by product. Supplementary Cardmembers must be at least 13 years old. Maximum of 9 supplementary cards per account.


7. Eligible cards will vary by offer and are subject to change. Select American Express Cards issued by Amex Bank of Canada are eligible cards for the offer. The following cards are not eligible: American Express Corporate Cards, American Express® Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards. Subject to offer terms and conditions, and full program terms.



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