Payment Methods

How do I pay my American Express bill?


Here are the fastest and most convenient ways available to pay off your American Express bill. You can choose to pay your bill directly through American Express or through the services provided by your financial institution: 



Pay American Express Directly: 

  1. Electronic Payment Program from American Express 
    Pre-authorized Payment Plan 
    One-Time payment 
  2. Pay by Phone 



Pay through your Financial Institution 

  1. Online Banking 
  2. Telephone Banking 
  3. Automated Bank Machine 
  4. In Person ( at your financial institution)


Electronic Payment Program from American Express 

As an American Express Customer, you have the following options available to you under the Electronic Payment Program. Regardless of the option you choose, you will first need to enroll your Canadian Bank Account information with us: 

Pay Amex through your financial institution

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