More ways to pay at your business.

More ways to pay at your business.

From paying with a Chip Card to using their mobile device, offer customers more ways to spend at your business. Quickly, seamlessly and securely.



Chip and Pin Cards


When a Chip Card is used with a chip-enabled terminal, transactions are more secure. A “Chip” is a microprocessor built into a Card. The terminal will prompt the Cardmember to enter a PIN, making transactions more secure. When Chip payments are accepted, you will be protected from Counterfeit, Lost and Stolen chargeback requests under our Fraud Liability Shift policy, giving you peace of mind.





Contactless and Mobile Payments


The contactless feature on Cards is designed for speedy, on-the-go transactions. All it takes is a simple tap for the Card or mobile device and the reader to exchange secure payment information. As these transactions use the chip on the card, you will be protected from Counterfeit chargebacks under our Fraud Liability Shift policy. American Express transactions can be made without the need for the customer to sign or enter a PIN1. If you are not sure if your terminal is contactless enabled, contact your processor today.





Pre-Paid Cards

American Express Pre-Paid Cards offer customers an alternative to carrying cash without the commitment of an actual credit card. Even better, it enables non-American Express Cardmembers to spend at your business.

How it works:


Swipe the Pre-Paid Card through your terminal as you would a normal credit card (do not use the “Pre-Paid” button, even if you have one).




Obtain authorization from American Express and follow the terminal prompts.




Return the Pre-Paid Card to the customer once the transaction is complete, even if the balance is $0. 






Let Cardmembers Know They Can Pay In Any Way



Show Cardmembers they can Tap to PayTM by displaying our complimentary signage. 




1Applicable to merchants who are eligible for American Express No PIN Program. Transaction limits apply.