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Fraud Mitigation Tools
Those intent on committing fraud hope you won’t detect their activities. But they don’t need to have the advantage. American Express offers strategies and tools for preventing fraud. For more information about what you and your business can do, review the tools listed below or contact Merchant Services at 1-800-268-9877 (Monday – Friday, 8am to 8pm EST), or contact your Third Party Processor.

Card Not Present Transaction Tools
There are times when the Card is not present for the transaction such as when ordering online, over the telephone or through the mail. Learn about the tools at your disposal to reduce fraud in these instances.
Fraud Present Tools (See Tools)

Card Present Transaction Tools
It is important to be vigilant when there is a risk of fraud. Fraud can also take place when the Card is present.Learn more about the tools that can help you fight fraud.
Fraud Not Present Tools (See Tools)