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American Express offers Merchants the added security of Chip technology.

What is Chip and Pin?

A Chip Card is a Card with a built-in microprocessor Chip in addition to the magnetic stripe, Chip and Pin can reduce Card fraud as it is more difficult to alter or copy a Chip Card.

For Chip and Pin transactions, customers will use a PIN instead of a signature to complete the transaction. * All Chip Cards will also retain the magnetic stripe which enables them to work with terminals that are not yet upgraded for Chip Card technology.

What does American Express Chip and Pin mean to you?

When installing new POS terminals equipped for Chip and Pin, we recommend Merchants do the following:
     •   Consider training staff on the processes required for Chip Cards prior to implementation.
         See Best Practices of Accepting Chip at your business for more information

     •   Review specific business processes that may apply to your business. These include: adding a gratuity for          restaurants or processing reservations and advance bookings for hospitality and car-rental businesses

     •   If you manage your own terminals, ensure each POS device type that you invest in has passed American          Express EMV certification requirements before launch. Please refer to the Implementation Process section

* Some Chip Cards may require a Signature in place of a PIN