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If you’re looking for a quick transaction solution for your business, we work with you to upgrade to American Express Contactless Payments.

Contactless Payments remove the need for a physical connection between the Card and a terminal.
From a cashier’s perspective, Contactless Payments are simple to process. Items are first scanned at checkout as usual. The Cardmember then holds the Contactless Card up to the reader to initiate the transaction, which is automatically processed without the need to swipe or obtain a signature.

Did you know?

Contactless Payments help checkouts move faster, which benefits your business in many ways:

     •   Cashiers can service more customers - there’s no waiting for signatures for American Express transactions of          $50 or less1, no Cards to swipe, and since no cash changes hands the potential for errors can be reduced

     •   Since the payment device never leaves the customer’s hand, there is greater control for the Cardmember

     •   A positive checkout experience at your business can keep Cardmembers coming back and attract new          Cardmembers who want to use Contactless Payments

What does moving to American Express Contactless Payments mean to you?

As you prepare your POS systems for Contactless Payments, we recommend the following:

     •   Ensure you are aware of potential new business opportunities and how they apply to your business. In our          experience, Contactless trials have proven successful for fuel payments, stadiums, mass transit, road tolls,          grocery, drugstores and fast food – anywhere that you have a need for faster checkout

     •   Engage any third parties who will be involved in your POS system deployment as early as possible to ensure          realistic timeframes and smooth rollout

     •   In our experience, investments in Contactless Payments are more cost effective if done once for all payment          brands

1 Applicable to Merchants who are eligible for American Express’ No Signature Program. Further details regarding the No Signature program can be found in your Card Acceptance Agreement.