DOE Offer Detail

Shop Small

Spend at least $20 and be eligible to earn a $10 credit. Up to 5 times.


Only the first 15,000 cards to be successfully registered are eligible for the offer. For a list of eligible in-person merchant locations please visit and for a selection of eligible online merchants please visit, and look for merchants on these two websites with both a Shop Small icon (depicted by the blue circular Shop Small logo) and a Shop Small Offer Eligible icon (depicted by a red price tag). Only merchants with both icons are eligible for this offer. Due to this unprecedented period of disruption, please note that the Merchants listed on the American Express Maps or Online Directory may change. Your ability to redeem Amex Offers may be affected at this time due to changes in some Merchants’ operations, such as reduced hours or suspension of in-person shopping, dining or services. American Express Maps is updated from time to time and may not be 100% accurate. While we hope to provide you with this offer on the terms set out here, given the unpredictable nature of the current situation, we may need, and we reserve the right, to change or cancel this offer at any time.
The registered Card account must be in good standing. You must first register your Card to the offer and use the same Card to make qualifying purchase(s) by 27/12/2022. Date format is DD/MM/YYYY. A purchase made during the offer period prior to registration of your eligible Card in this program is not a qualifying purchase. Your registration of an eligible Card for this offer extends only to qualifying purchases on that Card. Corporate Cards, Gift Cards, and other American Express prepaid products are not eligible to enroll. 
To be eligible for a $10 (CAD) statement credit, a qualifying purchase of at least $20 (CAD) in a single transaction, after taxes, must be charged to your registered Card at up to 5 different participating locations in Canada, during the offer period and subsequently posted to your account. A qualifying purchase of at least $20 (CAD) in a single transaction that is made directly at a different participating business or different location of the same participating business will qualify for one $10 (CAD) statement credit, up to a total of 5 statement credits or a maximum of $50 (CAD) in statement credits per registered Card during the offer period. One or more purchases made directly at the same participating business location or the same participating online business will only be eligible to qualify for one $10 (CAD) statement credit.
Offer valid at participating Canadian locations. Online, in-app and phone transactions may not be eligible. Offer is non-transferable. You can earn a total maximum of $50 (CAD) in statement credits during the offer period. 
Statement credit will be applied to your registered Card account within 90 days after 27/12/2022, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase(s). Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase(s) is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer, the following transactions are not qualifying purchases for this offer: the Merchant uses a third-party to sell their products or services, purchasing a merchant’s goods or services through concession stores in department stores, payment account or service of a third party, online aggregators that sell goods of other merchants or if the merchant category is otherwise not identified. Transactions processed through a card reader attached to a mobile phone may not be qualifying purchases for this offer. A statement credit does not constitute a payment and does not satisfy the requirement to pay the minimum due on a credit card. The Basic/Primary Cardmember must continue to make separate payments of at least the minimum due in accordance with the Cardmember agreement and account statement applicable to their registered Card account. 
In the event that you replace your registered Card through Amex Bank of Canada or other participating American Express card issuer (as applicable) during the offer period, your participation in this offer will end and you will need to re-register for this offer. Cardmembers enrolled in a financial relief program may not be eligible for this offer.
For full terms that apply to registering your Card in the program, see Program Terms.

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