What is American Express Connect?


Connect is an American Express website through which American Express Cardmembers can access Amex Offers. Amex Offers is a program that provides offers to eligible Cardmembers for a statement credit on shopping, dining and more. You can choose the offers you want and you can will receive a statement credit as applicable.


Who is eligible to enroll in Amex Offers?


Eligible cards will vary by offer and are subject to change. Select Canadian American Express Cards issued by Amex Bank of Canada and cards issued by a licensed third party issuer (as applicable) are eligible cards for the offer. The following cards are not eligible: American Express Corporate Cards, American Express® Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards. Please see offer specific terms and Program Terms for more information.


How do I enroll in an offer?


To enroll in an offer simply complete the offer enrollment form and click ‘Register your Card’.


What happens to the information collected when I enroll in an offer?


Your information will be saved temporarily, to allow you to easily add more offers. Your details will not be saved once you close your browser window, or the site has been inactive for 10 minutes. For information on how we protect your privacy and use your information, please read our Privacy Statement.


How do I know what offers I have added to my Card?


Upon registration, you will receive a notification confirming that you have successfully added an offer to your Card. Please see the offer details for terms and validity dates.


Why do you need my Card number?


Your Card account number is needed so that you can receive the benefit when you fulfill the offer. There is no fee for adding offers to your Card.


When will I get credit for the offer I have enrolled in or added to my Card?


If you make a qualifying purchase(s) as indicated in the offer terms, a statement credit will be applied to your registered card account (as applicable) within 90 days after the offer end date.


What should I do if the statement credit does not appear in my Card account?


If you don’t see the credit within the 90 day time period, check to make sure you’ve done all of the following:

  • Registered your eligible American Express Card for the offer before making your purchase(s) at the merchant
  • Made the purchase(s) with the same American Express Card registered for the offer
  • Met the purchase requirements (purchase amount or number of purchases) required in the offer terms to receive the offer
  • Made your purchase(s) before the offer expired
  • Made the purchase(s) at an eligible location (online, in-store, participating location, etc.)
  • Have not returned or cancelled your purchase 


If you have met all the above requirements and after 90 days still do not see the statement credit then please call the number on the back of your Card for further assistance.


If I make a return and a statement credit is reversed, am I still eligible for the Amex Offer?


If you make a purchase and return the merchandise, we reserve the right to reverse the statement credit. If the statement credit has been reversed and the offer has not expired, you can still take advantage of the offer if you make another qualifying purchase and meet the offer terms.


I added an Amex Offer to my Card but used a different Card for the purchase. Will I still get the statement credit?


No. In order to get the statement credit, you must make the qualifying purchase using the Card you registered for the offer.


I made a purchase before I added the Amex Offer to my Card. Will that purchase qualify for the statement credit?


No. You must first register your Card and then make your qualifying purchase using the same Card to receive the statement credit.


I received a replacement Card. Do I have to re-enroll in offers that I enrolled in with the replaced Card?


If the card number differs from the card number which you have enrolled, then you will need to re-enroll.


Who do I contact if I have a problem or question about an offer?


Please call the number on the back of your Card.


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