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TM, ®: Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.

*At participating merchant locations in Canada that currently accept American Express Cards.

Apple and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

1 You can earn 2 Membership Rewards points ("points") for every $1 in eligible consumer purchases at American Express retail merchants as follows: (i) at stand-alone automobile gasoline stations in Canada, (ii) at stand-alone drugstores in Canada, (iii) at stand-alone grocery stores in Canada, and (iv) for travel services or travel bookings including air, water, rail and road transport, lodging and tour operator sales but not including local and commuter transportation. Purchases at merchants where gas, grocery, pharmacy and travel sales are not their primary business (including superstores, wholesale clubs, alcohol retailers and general merchandise retailers) do not qualify for the earn rate in this category. Merchants are typically assigned codes and categorized based on what they sell. Earn rate of 1 point for every $1 applies if the merchant code is not in an eligible category, the purchase is made using an electronic wallet or is not made directly from the provider of the good or service, e.g. through a third party or by using a mobile device (e.g. smart phone) with an attached card reader. Provided your account is in good standing, points can be earned on eligible purchases less returns and other credits. Interest, fees, and charges for travellers cheques and foreign currencies are not purchases and do not earn points

2 With participating American Express contactless merchants and Apple Pay in app purchases on eligible devices. Transaction limits may apply.

Contactless available in-store at participating Co-op Gas Bars, Petro Canada, Shell Canada and Ultramar locations. Not available at pay-at-the-pump.