Fraud Protection






Feel secure knowing we make fraud protection our business.


Report a Fraud


Has your Card or eligible device been lost or stolen? Don’t recognize a transaction on your Account? If you think you may have become a victim of fraud, contact us.


Call 1-800-869-3016 or the number on the back of your card. Outside of Canada (please call collect) 905-474-0870. For Corporate Cardmembers, please call 1-800-716-6661.

Contact us from abroad


Around the globe and around the clock, you’re just one phone call away from expert help.


Simple steps to help you stay protected

Read these helpful tips to help you keep track of your account.


Step 1

Check your statements thoroughly as soon as you receive them. You can also  switch to online statements. You can opt into online-only statements by logging into your Online Services account,  where you can also check your transactions daily.


Step 2

Log in to your Online Services account to register for Account Alerts which can provide updates on your account balance by email or SMS.


Step 3

Register for Push Notifications via the American Express Mobile App to receive account updates on the go.

fraud protection guarantee




Fraud Protection Guarantee1


Use the American Express Card online or off, and you won’t be held responsible for any fraudulent charges, as long as you’ve taken reasonable care to protect your account details, PIN and any device on which you have added your account information. Notify us at once if your Card or eligible device is lost or stolen, or you suspect it is being used without your permission. For more information on the Fraud Protection Guarantee1 refer to Fraud FAQs.






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Terms and Conditions


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1. We will guarantee protection against fraudulent payments on your Card, provided you have taken the responsibility to notify us immediately, and you have complied with your Card Terms and Conditions.