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What is Chip & PIN?

Chip & PIN technology uses an embedded microchip to encrypt your information, making it difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access your data. Transactions can only be completed when your Card is inserted into a chip-enabled terminal and you enter your unique PIN – a number that identifies you as the rightful holder of your Card and replaces your signature.

Select your PIN

Your PIN should have already been selected during the application or the activation process for your Card. If you didn’t select a PIN, we may have randomly generated a PIN for you.

To view your PIN, log into Online Services

How to use your PIN

Instead of swiping your Card to make a purchase, follow these simple steps:

1. Insert your Chip Card into the terminal; it will stay there for the duration of the transaction.

2. Follow the prompts and key in your unique four-digit PIN to authorize the transaction. Your PIN replaces your signature.

3. Receive a confirmation receipt upon successful completion of your transaction.

How to Manage your PIN

We’ve made PIN management easy through your Online Services account. Log in to your account for information on managing your account, and the simple steps to unlock or change your PIN.

Have a question? See our frequently asked questions and answers below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please call the number located on the back of your Card.

Chip & PIN Frequently Asked Questions

Chip Card Questions

What is a Chip Card and how is it different from a magnetic stripe Card?

A Chip Card contains a small embedded microchip, which encrypts your account information, making it difficult to duplicate, copy or access. Simply put, this technology is more advanced than magnetic stripe technology, and it will make an already safe payment system even more secure.

Where can I use my American Express Chip Card?

You can use your American Express Card at any merchant that has a chip enabled terminal. For a list of some of the merchants that accept American Express, go here.

What happens if my American Express Chip Card is stolen?

If your American Express Chip Card is stolen, it will be very difficult for someone to use it without your personal PIN. In the case that your Card is lost or stolen, you should always call American Express immediately.

PIN Questions

Do I use the same PIN for cash access?

Yes. The existing PIN on your Card will work for both purchases and cash access. To view your PIN, please log into Online Services.

What happens if my transaction is declined for incorrect PIN?

You may have entered the incorrect PIN. To view your PIN, please log into Online Services. If you are still experiencing problems, please call the number located on the back of your card.

I’ve just changed my PIN and my new PIN didn’t work.

For your first transaction post PIN change, remember to use your old PIN one more time to complete the transaction. Following that, you can use your new PIN for all transactions.

If I have more than one Card with Amex, can I select the same PIN for all my Cards?

There are no limitations on the combination of the 4 numeric digits you can select across your Cards. We encourage you to select a PIN that you can easily remember, but difficult for someone to guess.

How should I protect my PIN?

• Never reveal your PIN to anyone, including friends, family members, merchants or American Express customer service representatives; you will never be asked to provide your PIN by an American Express agent.

• Do not write your PIN down anywhere including your American Express Card.

• Do not keep your Card and PIN in the same place, such as in your wallet or purse.

• Do shield the keypad with your hand or body when you are entering your PIN at an ABM or at a store.