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In difficult times, let us help

Sometimes, you may need support.

Your personal circumstances constantly change. And sometimes you may face temporary periods of financial hardship for any number of reasons – often beyond your control.

These situations may include:


  Injury or Illness

  Divorce or Separation

  Unexpected Reduction of Income

American Express understands that hard times can happen. That’s why, if you're experiencing difficulty meeting your monthly credit commitments, it's important to stay in contact with us – so we can make you aware of all the repayment options available to you.

Our Customer Service team is specially trained to assess your situation and can provide repayment plans tailored to your needs. Solutions offered to you will differ depending on your circumstances.

Helpful tools you can use right now.

 As an American Express Cardmember, you have a wide range of financial tools at your disposal.

Account Alerts is a free service that monitors the daily activity of your American Express account. You can choose to receive regular updates on your weekly account balance‚ reminders of upcoming payments, and confirmation of payments received. Plus, if you have a Credit Card, you can request a message to advise you that you may be nearing your credit limit.

Pre-Authorized Payments is a free service that automatically processes monthly payments from your bank account by your payment due date.

AMEX Account Protector Insurance helps protect your Credit Card account in the event of job loss, critical illness, disability or loss of life.

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