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Introduction to Online Services

As an American Express Cardmember, you have a secure‚ easy way to manage your American Express Card Account. It's called Online Services‚ and it has been designed to give you fast‚ secure access to your billing information. It is free‚ easy to set up‚ keep you informed on the go, save you time, and provide you a fast way to make a payment to your Card account.

Choose how to access billing information.

Reviewing current billing information should be easy. With Online Services, American Express provides Cardmembers with billing information optimized for both an internet-ready mobile device and PC. The choice of how to access it is up to you.

Customize your account

Add the flexibility of Online-Only Statements as part of your Online Services and receive your American Express® statement as soon as it is ready – up to 2 days sooner than conventional mail. Enroll in Online-Only Statements and we'll send you a monthly email reminder when your new statement is ready to view online. Want additional control? Register to receive customized email and text notifications regarding your account with Account Alerts. Take charge of your finances with both options – wherever you are.

Fast one-time account payments

Need to make a quick payment to your American Express Card Account? Now you can through the Online Services Payment Centre. This service enables enrolled American Express Cardmembers to make a same day one time payment directly to their American Express Card account prior to 8 PM Eastern Time(1).

When you register with Online Services you get to stay in total control of your billing information.

When you view your account from an internet-ready mobile device or PC, you can easily see the amount you spent, where you used your Card and when you made your last purchase.

You can also see when the next payment date is, you can schedule a one time payment1 identify any charges you don't recognize and store your account transactions by downloading them to your favourite financial management software in the formats you want, e.g. Quicken®, MS Money®, MS Excel®. It is recommended that you do so at least every six months.

Online Services can be used for all your American Express Cards – and there is no additional charge. You can access Online Services through an internet-ready mobile device or your PC using the same user ID and password.

Faster access

Why wait to receive your statements, when you can view your posted transactions online at any time you like? Online Services allows you secure access to your transactions, 24/7.


American Express Online Services use SSL technology, ensuring that a secure session is established so that all data passed back and forth between your computer and American Express systems is securely encrypted.


You can sort your transactions by date, see how much you (or your Supplementary Cardmember) spent or where you used your Card, enabling you to keep track of your account at your own convenience, at home, at work or on-the-go.

Print and save

Any time you need a hard copy of a statement from the last six months or of your current balance and recent transactions, simply print one off in seconds. You can even retrieve past statements online as well.

Total control

Get total control of your finances. By checking your account online you can instantly view previous payments and check your balance in a couple of clicks, all without messy paperwork.

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Why wait for paper statements in the mail? Switch to free Online-Only Statements from American Express and we'll send you a monthly email reminder when your new statement is ready to view online. But you won't just receive your statements faster. With Online-Only Statements you'll also enjoy more flexibility‚ greater security and‚ of course‚ much less clutter.

At American Express we realize how important security is to you, and we understand you may be concerned about accessing your statements online. This is why we've taken steps to help make sure your safety and confidentiality is never compromised.

So do the smart thing and enrol in Online-Only Statements via Online Services today – it only takes a minute. And if you ever want to revert to paper statements‚ you can simply update your preferences online or call Customer Service at the number on the back of your Card.

Faster access

Why wait days to receive your statements? Go Paperless and you can view them online the minute they are ready.

Improved security

Each statement is delivered securely to your password-protected American Express account on the American Express website.

More efficient

Archive up to 6 months of your statements electronically and save on paper, space and time spent looking for information, and you can retrieve a copy of any online statement dating back to 2 years – all free.

Print and save

Any time you need a hard copy of a statement from the last six months, simply print one off in seconds.

Environmentally friendly

Online-Only Statements are an easy way to cut down on your paper usage and help protect the environment.


You can update your online preferences to revert to paper statements whenever you like, quickly and easily.

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Account Alerts is a service that keeps you in touch with what's happening with your American Express account. Simply register now and we'll send you – via text or email – the information you require.

For example‚ you can choose to receive regular updates on your weekly account balance‚ reminders of upcoming payments, confirmation of payments received or a message to advise you that you may be nearing your credit limit.

Account Alerts is free‚ convenient and puts you in better control of your finances – wherever you are1.

Faster access

With information sent directly to your mobile phone or email inbox, Account Alerts allow fast, secure access to your account updates. Plus, you're in control of when and why you receive alerts. You can choose to receive an alert at a specific dollar amount near your credit limit or a certain number of days before your payment is due for your Personal or Small Business Card. You can even choose the time of day you prefer to receive alerts – they can be customized for your schedule and lifestyle.

Financial control

Help to ensure you never go over your credit limit or receive late payment charges by setting up an Approaching Credit Limit Alert for your Personal or Small Business Credit Card. You can choose at what point in your spend we should notify you.


Want to know if you can keep shopping? Sign up for our Payment Received Alert and we will let you know as soon as we have posted your payment. You can choose what day of the week to receive your latest balance updates on all of your Cards as well as what time of day to receive your Alerts.

Greater flexibility

Going on holiday? Account Alerts let you place your Alerts on hold or even change the time zone in which you wish to receive your Alerts.

Personal assistant

Too busy to remember when your bill is due? We can remind you with our Payment Due Alert for your Personal or Small Business Card or our Payment Reminder Alert for your Corporate Card.


You can un-enrol at any time and choose whether to receive your Alerts via text message or email.

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1. Account Alerts is a free service for American Express Cardmembers. However, your cell phone service provider may apply fees for incoming text messages. Please contact them for further details.


When you enrol with Online Services, you can view transactions and redeem your Membership Rewards points online - whenever you want to. You may also have the ability to transfer your points to other affiliated frequent traveller programs that you may be a member of.

From worldwide flights to luxury hotels‚ high design kitchenware to state-of-the-art digital cameras – view the complete list of all our unique rewards.

Easy to use

With Online Services‚ checking your Membership Rewards account couldn't be simpler. Just log in‚ enter your password‚ and review your account whenever you want to.

Easy to redeem

The majority of our rewards can be redeemed online‚ 24 hours a day. Based on your Membership Rewards tier, you can redeem for flights and hotel rooms for an incredible travel experience, or choose from other rewards like electronics and movie passes.

Easy to enjoy

When you're ready to redeem, you can easily view our entire Membership Rewards catalogue online and pick your unique reward. If you prefer, it's also easy to transfer your points to any affiliated frequent flyer or frequent guest program.

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If you have changed your mobile phone number or email address or if you need to update your password‚ Online Services allows you to notify us online‚ quickly and easily./

Simply have your new details ready and select "Change Details" to update your email address or password or select "Account Alerts" to update your mobile phone number.

Update your profile

Update your new contact details quickly and easily online.

Change what you want to

Whether it's your mobile phone number or email address that has changed‚ you can update your details whenever you want to.

Security updates

For your added peace of mind‚ you can change your own personal password‚ as often as you wish.

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Enroll in Online Services

Take control of your business finances, with 24/7 access to your account information through the internet ready device of your choice; mobile or PC

Make a Payment.

Register now and make one time payments directly from Online Services to your American Express Card Account.

Your initial payment can only be scheduled 3 calendar days after you have successfully enrolled in the Payment Program. Subsequent payments can be credited to your account same day if submitted prior to 8 P.M. (ET) (1)