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Received a Gift Card?
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Buying a Gift Card

Why Give an American Express Gift Card?

  • Accepted at merchants across Canada and the U.S.1

    Let them buy what they want. American Express Gift Cards can be used virtually everywhere American Express Cards are accepted in Canada and the U.S.1

  • 100% gift, 0% monthly fees

    Give the Gift Card that doesn’t lose value to monthly fees. The American Express Gift Card – no monthly fees, no customer service fees, no replacement fees, no expiration of funds.

  • Safer than cash – replaceable if lost or stolen

    Give with peace of mind because American Express Gift Cards come with no-fee replacement if they are lost or stolen. 2

  • Convenient

    Available at the following retailers in various denominations:
    - 7-Eleven locations
    - Quickie Convenience Store locations
    - Couche-Tard locations
    - Circle K locations

Purchase at:


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Avoid Card Declines

Always know your Gift Card balance and tell it to the cashier before you pay.

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