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Received a Gift Card?
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Buying a Gift Card

Congratulations on receiving an American Express Gift Card. Use your Gift Card to treat yourself to a meal at your favourite restaurant, a perfect gift from your favourite store, or a relaxing night out at the movies.

Things you should know about your Gift Card:

  • Avoid Gift Card declines

    To have a smooth experience using your Gift Card, always know your balance and tell the cashier before a purchase. Otherwise, your transaction may be declined. If you received a Gift Card that has a load range listed, please reference the back of the package to find the load amount in the top right corner.
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  • Get a lost or stolen Gift Card replaced fee-free

    Write down your Gift Card number and the Customer Service number (1-800-505-6849) and put them in a safe place. If you were given a receipt with your Gift Card, save that too. You may need this information for us to replace your Gift Card if it is ever lost or stolen.1

  • Use at merchants across Canada and the U.S.2

    You can use your American Express Gift Card virtually everywhere American Express Cards are accepted in Canada and the U.S.2

  • Spend today, tomorrow, or whenever you like

    Unlike some other gift cards, American Express Gift Cards have no monthly fees, no customer service fees, no replacement fees, and no expiration of funds that can drain your balance over time. It’s 100% gift, 0% monthly fees.

Avoid Card Declines

Always know your Gift Card balance and tell it to the cashier before you pay.

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Avoid Gift Card Declines

Always know your Gift Card balance before you shop, and tell it to the cashier when you’re ready to pay. Check your balance here or by calling 1-800-505-6849.

If your Gift Card does not have a sufficient Available Balance to cover your purchase, it may be declined. Depending on the merchant’s policy, you may be able to use your Gift Card with another form of payment. To make a purchase for more than the Available Balance on your Gift Card:

  1. Tell cashier the Available Balance on your Gift Card.

  2. Ask if another form of payment will be accepted for the balance of your purchase.

  3. Tell cashier to authorize your Gift Card only for the Available Balance and provide a second form of payment.