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We would like to welcome you to the benefits of Card Acceptance, and help you welcome our Cardmembers.

Our Cardmembers are motivated by our Card products and the Merchants who welcome them. Attract valuable new customers, access information, and leverage resources.

Access your Account in a secure online environment for your convenience.

Reassure our Cardmembers that their Cards are welcome, with our complimentary Point of Purchase materials.


Getting Started

Apply now - and welcome our Cardmembers to your business.

Setting Up - a quick guide to help you welcome our Cardmembers.

Untapped spend potential - attract motivated, high potential Cardmembers globally.

Working with us

Doing business - a quick guide to the policies governing our Merchant relationships.

Always transparent - our commitment to fair business practices.

Online Account Management - secure access to Account data with Online Merchant Services.

Marketing & Resources

Cardmembers are looking for a sign - display our Point of Purchase materials.

Industry Initiatives - learn about how we support many industries.

Reach global audiences - with American Express Selects.