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Electronic Payment Program from American Express
The Electronic Payments Program provides American Express Cardmembers with options to make payments directly on your Card account. Whether it is the convenience of making a direct payment online, on the phone or the automation of a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, American Express gives you the flexibility to select an option which best suits your needs. Regardless of which tool you leverage, the first step will be to enrol your Canadian Bank Account information with us. Once successfully completed you can select from any of the three payment remittance options and feel confident your payments will be made on time every time.

1. Payment Centre on our website :
  • Cardmembers can make an immediate one time payment to their Card Account or schedule a payment for up to 25 days in the future. For Corporate Cards, up to 28 days after the date of issuance of the last billing statement.
  • Payments can be credited to your Card account same day1

2. Pay by Phone:
  • Call the number on the back of your Card to make an immediate payment or schedule a payment for up to 25 days in the future and up to 28 days after the date of issuance of the last billing statement for American Express Corporate Cards. Payments can be made at any time after your initial registration is completed.

3. Pre-authorized Payment Plan, you can pay:
  • Your bill by having payments taken automatically from your Canadian dollar bank account
  • The minimum payment or full payment of your American Express account billing statement
  • The full payment of your American Express Charge Card billing statement
  • Please note that this service is not available for American Express Corporate Cards2

Follow these easy steps to enroll your account:
Option 1: For Payment Centre and Pay by Phone Enrol Online
  1. Login to Online Services.Not registered yet? Register now.
  2. Click on the Make a Payment Button
  3. Enrol your bank account details for one time payments in the Payment Centre.
Option 2: For Pre-Authorized Payments – complete the Enrolment Form2
  1. Download the Enrollment Form
  2. Complete the necessary information
  3. Sign the completed form
  4. Include a Void Cheque for the account from which payment will be made. Please see enrollment form for cheque requirements
  5. Mail your completed enrollment form and void cheque to the address given on the form
  • Subject to the Electronic Payment Program Agreement and availability of the service, you can request a same day payment prior to 8 PM Eastern Time or , if your account is in good standing, a future payment within 25 days scheduled by your next due date (or 28 days after the date of your statement for Corporate Card). However, your first payment can only be scheduled 3 calendar days after enrolment of the bank account. Although we may credit your American Express account it may not appear on your Online Services summary and may not be cleared through your bank until a subsequent day.

  • Corporate Cards are not eligible to enrol through the downloadable form. Please enrol through the Payment Centre.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
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