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What makes things more rewarding?

Your online Membership Rewards account

When you enroll with Online Services, you can view transactions and redeem your Membership Rewards points online whenever you want to. You may also have the ability to transfer your points to other affiliated frequent traveller programs that you may be a member of.

From worldwide flights to luxury hotels‚ high design kitchenware to state-of-the-art digital cameras – view the complete list of all our unique rewards by clicking here.

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Membership Rewards Online

Easy to use With Online Services‚ checking your Membership Rewards account couldn't be simpler. Just log in‚ enter your password‚ and review your account whenever you want to.
Easy to redeem The majority of our rewards can be redeemed online‚ 24 hours a day. Based on your Membership Rewards tier, you can redeem for flights and hotel rooms for an incredible travel experience, or choose from other rewards like electronics and movie passes.
Easy to enjoy When you're ready to redeem, you can easily view our entire Membership Rewards catalogue online and pick your unique reward. If you prefer, it's also easy to transfer your points to any affiliated frequent flyer or frequent guest program.

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