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If you love earning cash back on the SimplyCash™ Card from American Express, you’ll love how easy it can be to earn even more of it by adding Supplementary Cards to your account. That way your Card purchases and Supplementary Card purchases can be earning you cash back under your account.³

Earn Rate



Supplementary Card purchases earn at the same rate as you earn on your card (as the Basic Cardmember).

Increased Earnings

Increased Cash Back

Cash back earned on Supplementary Card purchases will be applied to your cash back balance.³

Cash Back Bonus

Cash Back Bonus

Earn a bonus of $25 cash back for each approved Supplementary Card¹ added to your account.²

Increase Your Cash Back

Increase Your Cash Back chartIncrease Your Cash Back chart
◊ Cash back amounts shown exclude any cash back bonus amounts. Examples are simplified for illustrative purposes only. Calculations are based on a cash back earn rate of 1.25% and reflect equal monthly purchases of $1,250 per month over a 12 month period for each Supplementary Card. Illustrations display cash back amounts for up to three (3) Supplementary Cards. Cash back rewards are applied annually as a statement credit. Other conditions apply. For full details, see the Program Terms following your Cardmember Agreement.

Simplicity of One Account

All transactions are consolidated conveniently into one monthly statement.

Shared Benefits

Supplementary Cardmembers also receive access to:

Supplementary SimplyCash™ Cards

Request a Supplementary SimplyCash™ Card today and you can start earning more cash back.

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