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The American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card
The American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card

Enough for a ticket to almost anywhere in North America1.
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It's like two exciting rewards programs in one. You get access to the Membership Rewards® program which offers you the flexibility to use points to travel when and where you want - on virtually any airline. You can redeem points with no blackouts or seat restrictions2. Plus the ability to instantly transfer points to Aeroplan®*. 1 point = 1 Aeroplan Mile3.

And, when you give Supplementary Cards to employees, you can earn even more points and rewards for you and your business.

Travel Anywhere,

For business or pleasure, use your Membership Rewards® points to book virtually any trip, anytime through American Express Travel Services4. No Blackouts2. No seat restrictions2. Details.


Transfer points to Aeroplan for easy access to their full catalogue of rewards, including travel on Air Canada and the Star AllianceTM partners. 1 Membership Rewards point = 1 Aeroplan Mile3. Details.

Use Points With Frequent Flyer Programs

Transfer points to Cathay Pacific's Asia Miles, Continental OnePass® or Delta SkyMiles® and access all of their airline partners.

More Choice

Redeem for hundreds of other rewards from The Hilton Family, Apple, HP, The Home Depot®** and more. Or redeem for American Express Travellers Cheques. Details.

Earn Fast

Earn 1 point for every dollar in purchases charged to the Card5. No caps.

Welcome Points

Get 25,000 Welcome points just by making \$3000 in purchases to your Card in the first 3 months of Cardmembership1. That's enough for a ticket almost anywhere in North America.

Annual Bonuses

Each year, earn up to an additional 40,000 bonus points: 15,000 bonus points when you reach \$50,000 in net purchases, and an additional 25,000 points if you reach \$100,000 in net purchases6.

Online Account Access

Get fast, safe access to your business billing information anywhere you are, at any time you want. Plus sign up for account alerts via text or email. Download your billing information to keep track of business expenses on your card. And access Quarterly and Annual Expense Management Reports that offer flexibility in tracking expenses, assist in identifying areas to trim costs and can help make tax preparation easier.

Business Savings
Program - Discounts For Your Business

Receive valuable discounts7 on business expenses, including goods and services important to your business. Save at places like FedEx®, Hertz and Clublink. Details.

Business and Travel Protection

Disability plan for Small Business, Fraud protection and Travel Accident Insurance (Flight and baggage delay, Hotel and Motel Burglary Insurance, Travel emergency assistant, Car rental and theft damage)8.

The American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card