Frequently asked questions

Below‚ we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about your monthly statement. If the answer you're looking for isn't here‚ contact us and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

Can American Express permanently credit my account or charge a debit back to a company?

Yes, American Express can permanently credit your account depending on the outcome of our investigation. Please keep in mind that each investigation is handled on a case-by-case basis and we will do our best to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

How long does it take until an inquiry is resolved?

The time required for complete resolutions may vary - ranging from a couple of days to‚ in some cases‚ approximately eight weeks. Rest assured that we always work to solve your inquiry as quickly as possible‚ and this usually means over the phone, the first time you call us.

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How does a temporary credit/suspension of charge work?

Sometimes you may see a suspended amount/credit while an inquiry is being investigated. This means that we will not request payment for the amount in question until the Dispute case is closed.

Depending on the result‚ the temporary credit will be:

  • Made permanent if the merchant authorizes a refund
  • Removed when the company credit appears on your account
  • Removed‚ if it turns out that the charge was valid
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Do I have to send written details to help with my inquiry?

Often we can resolve issues over the phone on your first call. Only in cases where we need further information or we are working within the terms and conditions of the affected company will we need your support. Because of this‚ we ask that you to keep all documentation regarding charges until you have received your statement.

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Will I be kept informed about how the case is going?

A letter confirming that an investigation has been opened will be sent in 2-3 business days. A resolution letter will be sent with supporting documents (if charge is valid) after the investigation close date.

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How will I know if my inquiry is resolved?

We will inform you immediately by letter. If the company has provided a copy of the receipt or other supporting documents, all documents and information records will be forwarded to you with the accompanying letter.

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