Where has this charge come from?

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Unfamiliar transactions on your statement happen for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common possibilities. If none of these seem to be the reason for the transaction you're questioning, we'll look into it for you.
Perhaps your personal assistant or travel coordinator may have made the reservation and your plans subsequently changed.
Sometimes hotels charge the reservation to your Card in advance. This is typically the case when booking through third-party travel agencies online.
Often, hotel bookings are billed under the name of the hotel chain rather than the individual hotel.
You may have incurred a cancellation charge. Hotels may bill for a reservation cancelled outside of their cancellation policy.
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Many companies use other, separate companies to collect payments made online. Therefore, the name appearing on your statement may in fact be that of a third-party online payment provider.
Many service providers' terms and conditions allow them to automatically collect subscription charges if you don't cancel within the specified time limit (e.g. 3 month trial period). Be sure to read the service provider's contract regarding their cancellation policies.

If you have cancelled the service, be sure to ask for a cancellation number.
If this is the case, the charge in question could be your anti-virus software company or a third-party online payment provider that they use to process the online payments.
Some companies are registered under their legally incorporated name rather than the business name that you may be familiar with. The legally incorporated name may be the one on printed your statement.
Some companies may charge a holding non-refundable deposit to your Card. If you then cancel the reservation, this deposit may be forfeited.
Extra charges on your bill may include extra mileage, gas, damages, late returns, car insurance, child seating, toll road or highway usage and traffic violations/tickets.
Charges will be applied to the guarantor's card unless alternate payment is specifically requested.
Usually, vouchers only cover the cost of the car rental itself – not insurance, gas or any other service charges that may apply. In this instance, these costs may have been charged to your Card.
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