American Express Antamivi Scheme

Antamivi Scheme rewards points your everyday transactions with your cards in more than 130 businesses all over Cyprus. You can redeem these points during purchases from the participating businesses.


How does the scheme work?

  • You will be automatically enrolled in the antamivi Scheme as all Bank of Cyprus Cards participate in this (with the exception of cards issued to minors and cards connected to foreign accounts)
  • Points are accumulated automatically. Every time you carry out a transaction with your cards at participating businesses the corresponding number of points is added to your personal scheme account.
  • Every 100 points you collect in your  scheme account equal to €1 reward
  • You can redeem your points only if your total accumulated points exceed 1,000
  • All you have to do is to decide when, where and whether you would like partial or total redemption  

To see the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme press here

To visit the antamivi website press here