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International Business Payments

International payments are a critical piece of our increasingly global business world. When you’re making cross-border payments that are necessary to keep your business running, you need assurance that they’ll be as efficient and secure as possible. American Express offers international payment solutions that can scale with your needs.

Global payments for a connected business world

American Express has options that can help you quickly and easily make and accept foreign payments. Explore our services, including international wire transfers in over 130 currencies.

Simple processing

Use secure online portals to make international business payments.

Competitive rates

Take advantage of competitive exchange rates.

Enhanced security

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from making global payments with a company you can trust.

Global reach

American Express international payments are available in over 130 foreign currencies.

What are your international business payment needs?

Discover American Express products and services that can help you make and receive international payments securely, efficiently, and at scale.

I need ways to make international payments that are easy to administer.

Doing business internationally is complicated enough. American Express international payment services are easy to administer, so you can spend more time focusing on your global business partnerships and less time wondering how to pay them.


American Express® FX International Payments1

Make international payments through a simple online platform with built-in security features. With over 130 currencies available you can make payments to virtually anywhere and earn Membership Rewards® points2, too.


  • All revenue sizes
  • Business & Corporate Card Members
  • Membership Rewards points

I need to make secure international supplier payments overseas.

With more business being conducted internationally than ever before, you need to be able to trust not only your foreign suppliers, but the platform you’re using to pay them. American Express international supplier payment solutions give you peace of mind as well as competitive rates.


American Express AccessLine®3

With global reach and over 130 currency offerings you can make payments almost anywhere in the world using direct debit, direct credit, or your preferred American Express Card.3


  • All revenue sizes
  • Extended payment terms4 when using your American Express Card
  • Domestic and foreign payments

Want even more international business solutions?

The American Express advantage


American Express has been helping our customers realise big dreams for over 100 years globally.


American Express has a global, multi-layer model with relationships across consumer, business, and merchants.


Our award-winning world-class customer service is globally recognised.


You may have the potential to earn Membership Rewards on your everyday business spend.

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