Discover a lending solution that fits your financial needs, whatever they may be.


Lending Options


American Express offers a variety of different lending solutions designed to help you take control of your finances. The best part? Certain lending features are built directly into your Card, so you can begin exploring the borrowing option that is appropriate for you.


We also want to help you get a sense of your financial picture and how these lending options can help you better manage expenses. Our education center provides you with relevant articles to help maximize your knowledge.

Personal loans


American Express® Personal Loans

Loan Amounts: $3,500 – $40,000

Loan Terms: 12, 24, or 36 months


An American Express Personal Loan can help you manage your expenses. From consolidating your debts to home improvement, we’ll help you get the funds you need. Available to pre-approved¹ Cardmembers only. 


Quick access to funds in 1-3 business days

Competitive APRs

No credit score impact to apply²

Plan it


Plan It Installment Program


Plan It - the American Express Installment Program, is a feature already available on select American Express Credit Card products3 that allows you to defer a portion of your balance into an installment plan. Enjoy predictable monthly payments, with a fixed monthly fee4, on a timeline that works for you, accessible in the American Express® App or Online Services. 


Spread out your payments

Predictable monthly installments

No enrollment required

Credit line increase


Credit Limit Increase


You can request an increase to the credit limit on your American Express Credit Card at any time by logging into your Online Services account. Your credit limit can be changed immediately upon approval and ready for use within 15 minutes. 


Boost purchasing power

Move spending from other credit cards to American Express

Have flexibility for unexpected purchases

Check out the Borrowing Centre


You may be eligible for more lending options and offers in the future. Simply log in to your American Express Online Services account and check out the Borrowing Centre to view these offers.

Boost your knowledge


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