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Gain Further Control Over Your Company's Spend And Avoid Delinquency Charges By Paying On Time


Corporate Online Payments is the secure and convenient way to pay all Commercial Card accounts online through American Express @ Work®. Payments for most accounts refresh the available spend limit within 15 minutes* and there's no limit on the number of payments you can schedule in a given period.


*Payments for Corporate Purchasing Cards refresh the available spend limit within 72 hours.

Refresh spend limits faster with Corporate Online Payments

Corporate Online Payments allows you to:


  • Refresh credit limits faster
  • See payment status
  • Pay closer to the due date without worrying about delinquency fees
  • Enjoy getting the job done in less time with less handling and paper processing

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Get Started Using Corporate Online Payments Today


Follow these simple steps to enroll in Corporate Online Payments

1. (Mandatory): Identify an Authorized Banking Officer (ABO)


IMPORTANT: If the ABO is also enrolling in American Express @ Work® as a Master Program Administrator, he/she will receive one email to activate and complete the enrollment process for both, using the same user ID.


2. (Optional): Identify Authorized Payors and Confirm Their American Express @ Work Access


If the ABO was authorized to submit payments in Step 1 and is the only one making payments, skip this step.


If others (up to ten per company) will be paying online, ensure that they have active American Express @ Work User IDs. If not, your Program Administrator can complete the American Express @ Work Enrolment Form and follow the instructions on the form to submit a request. If you have questions, your Program Administrator can call the American Express @ Work Help Desk at 1-866-568-0308, Monday through Friday, 8 am – 8pm EST.


3. (Mandatory): Collect the Information you'll need to Enroll


In order to complete the enrolment form you'll need to know the following:


  • Your company's Corporate ID (CID). If you have both Corporate Card and Corporate Purchasing Card programs, your company will have two CIDs and you'll need to provide both.

  • For Corporate Purchasing Cards only – Remittance Control Account Number(s). You can find this at the top of the CPC Statement that you pay each month.

  • For all other Commercial Card products – Master Control Account or Basic Control Account Number.

4. Complete the Corporate Online Payments Enrolment Form


Online Payments Enrolment Form


5. (Mandatory): Activate ABO ID and Enter Bank Account Information and Authorized Payors


Within 3 - 5 business days, your ABO will receive an e-mail from American Express inviting them to log in to American Express @ Work. After creating a user ID and password, the ABO should click the Manage Corporate Online Payment Program link on their American Express @ Work home page to enter bank account information and authorize other American Express @ Work users to pay online.


6. Pay Online!


If your ABO is also authorized to pay online, they can start making payments immediately after registering a valid bank account online. The registration process may take 3-5 days whenever a new bank account is registered. Other Authorized Payors will be able to make payments within 3-5 days of the ABO's request.

Refresh spend limits faster with Corporate Online Payments

IMPORTANT – Identifying your Authorized Banking Officer


To enroll in Corporate Online Payments, your company must designate an Authorized Banking Officer (ABO). This employee—typically a senior decision maker with corporate authority relating to banking and financial institutions—provides corporate banking information to American Express, and authorizes select employees to pay online.


Before going through the process of identifying your ABO, please take a minute to understand roles and responsibilities of enrollees.


  Authorized Banking Officer (ABO) Authorized Payor (@ Work User)
Manage banking information online X
Authorize online payors X
Pay online
Schedule payments Optional
View payment history
Track payment status Optional


The ABO is the only individual who can update your company's bank account information as required, or authorize others to pay. If the ABO is also a Master Program Administrator, he/she can use the same user ID and password to manage Corporate Online Payments.


The ABO can authorize up to ten Authorized Payors to pay company accounts through American Express @ Work. In addition,the ABO can also be authorized to act as an Authorized Payors through an option on the Corporate Online Payments enrolment form.


Please make sure you determine your ABO and Authorized Payors before completing the enrolment form as you'll need this information to complete the process.