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Help answer a child’s call for help


Help answer a child’s call for help

points was 3,000 points

SKU code NSPCC-03

Registered Charity Number: 216401

3,000 points covers the cost for one call to ChildLine.

Last year alone, 1.2 million children called ChildLine about problems ranging from bullying to domestic violence. We need to make sure that we can answer each and every call from children. Your donation will help us do that.

“I don’t know how much worse things would have got if I hadn’t called ChildLine when I did. Having someone there when I needed help changed my life.” Robert, aged 14.

We want every child in the UK to know that ChildLine is there for them. With your help we can make sure there is always someone who will listen.

Please select 'Add to basket' in order to donate your Membership Rewards points to NSPCC. The points will be deducted from your Membership Rewards account balance, converted into cash and sent to NSPCC.

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