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American Express® Gold Card of International Dollar Card

is designed specifically for customers who reside in Latin America, the Caribbean (excluding Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), Spain and Switzerland*. 



Featured Benefits

Every destination is yours to discover.

In each exciting flavor you taste and in every amazing landscape you come by, be sure that the American Express Gold Card will be there for you.


● A contactless metal Card

● Relax in exclusive lounges all around the world

● Earn rewards by doing the things you love the most

● Go shopping with ease. Your purchases will be protected

● Get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are


All Benefits

Contactless Payment

No Swiping. No Contact. No Worries.

Contactless Cards allow you to make quick, secure payments without touching the screen. Simply look for the contactless indicator  on your Card and contactless symbol  at participating merchants – then just tap and go.

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