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Cabeau Evo Microbead Pillow


Cabeau Evo Microbead Travel Pillow

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SKU code R360-9317

• COOL ADJUSTABLE BEADS: Whether you’re working, gaming, watching TV, driving on a road trip or flying on an airplane, this neck pillow will give you the most comfort and stability, and it's breathable lycra fabric allows air to circulate to keep you cool. For added support, simply push the beads towards the area you need most, sit back, and arrive rested.
• HEAD/CHIN SUPPORT: With raised sides, a flatter back, and 360 degrees of head and chin support, this neck pillow won't push your head forward or cause neck pain. You can even rotate it to find your perfect comfort spot.
• ADJUSTABLE COMFORT: Both men and women love to relax with this pillow and prefer to use it when working from home, gaming, watching TV, traveling because of it's unique front sliding toggles that help secure your head and support your chin. Whether you’re working, gaming, watching TV, driving on a road trip or flying on an airplane, this cooling neck pillow will give you convenient comfort and stability.
• ADJUSTABLE FRONT TOGGLES: Tighten or loosen the front toggles for a custom fit and additional chin support.
• COOL BREATHABLE FABRIC: Breathable lycra fabric allows air to circulate, keeping the pillow and you cool at any altitude.
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