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Senior Phone - Amico


Senior Phone - Amico

points was 11,400 points

SKU code R360-6568

Easy to charge – In addition to a normal charger, it comes with a cradle charger that makes charging extremely easy and safe. Cradle charger comes with Unique phone finder button, that lets you locate the phone when mis-placed at home.
Easy to dial - 8 Photo speed dial contacts in addition to normal speed dial, 2.2 inch color screen, Big keys and fonts , talking keypad, backlit keys all come together to make dialling extremely easy
Easy to hear – loud & clear sound for comfortable conversations. Loud ring tones so that calls are not missed.
Easy to get help &save precious time in an emergency. Dedicated SOS button which automatically triggers a siren, sends sms and calls 5 emergency contacts – just by pressing a single button
Easy to Use – Big size for comfortable holding; simple menu which can be customised to suit the user, Dedicated buttons for SOS, Volume,torch, Camera, calendar and one customisable key

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