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Corporate Card Program

American Express® is a leader in business payments.
We will provide you with the insights and solutions needed to help control expenses, drive savings and grow your business.

Benefits of Corporate Card Programs

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Why American Express?

Global Network

With the Corporate Card Program, your company's card usage data from all employees in every country is available in the same format.

Consulting Service

This global data network allows us to analyze trends in your employees' card usage. Our Business Consultants can then provide customized solutions to improve your company's operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Billing and Payment Options & Liability Types

American Express offers three billing and payment options: "Individual Billing & Individual Payment", "Central Billing & Central Payment", and "Individual Billing & Central Payment", to accommodate your company’s needs. We also offer you two liability types, "Corporate Liability", and "Combined Liability". For details, please click here.

Services of Corporate Card Programs

American Express @ Work®

American Express @ Work® enables you to easily access and process data for expense management and analysis at any time using an online database. You have access to different types of fixed format reports as well as customized reports that can be tailored to a variety of needs.

Expense settlement system data linkage

Corporate Card usage data can be automatically imported into expense settlement systems such as Concur and Rakurakuseisan. This will enable your company to dramatically reduce expense reimbursement work for your employees and accounting staff.

Overseas Assist

Whenever you are traveling outside Japan, you have 24/7 access to assistance for medical and legal emergencies, arranging transportation and accommodation, and other useful travel information and services. Overseas Assist is available to you in both English and Japanese.

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