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American Express® Gold Corporate Card

American Express® Gold Corporate Card

The American Express Gold Corporate Card is ideal for frequent business travelers. They can take advantage of free use of lounges.

※Please note that the artwork of the card on this page may differ from the actual one.

We'll help you customize an American Express® Corporate Card program for your business.

Advantages for Corporations

Increase expense management efficiency, and strengthen compliance.

Data Feed to Expense Management Tool

Companies can drastically reduce the expense settlement operations of their employees by linking their own expense management system to their American Express Corporate Cards. We send transaction data everyday, which can then be reflected in your expense management system in a timely manner. This also eliminates the hassle of inputting information for each expense item into your system.
※Please note that this service may not be compatible with all corporate expense management systems.

Customizable Spending Limit

You can tailor expense control by setting up spending limits by department, team, and/or each individual Card Member.

Reporting Tool

@ Work enables you to easily access and process data for expense management and analysis at any time using an online database. You have access to different types of fixed format reports as well as customized reports that can be tailored to a variety of needs.

Corporate Membership Rewards® Program

Corporate Membership Rewards enables companies to accumulate rewards points across multiple cards and use them to achieve tangible savings. You can pay with points with TripFlex® and Flexible Savings.
Program annual fee: 2,200 yen (tax included) per card
*Your participation is subject to a screening process. Please ask the sales representative for details.

Advantages for Employees

Employees no longer have to waste time for business expenses, and can have peace of mind when on business trips.

Streamline Expense Management

Transaction data can be sent daily by us and is automatically reflected in your system. This streamlines the expense process, and eliminates the need for manual input of expenses, meaning employees no longer have to make payments in advance.

Travel Accident Insurance

American Express Corporate Card Members are automatically entitled to Travel Accident Insurance of up to 50 million yen travelling abroad or in Japan. For domestic travel, only payment for public transport using the American Express Corproate Card will apply.

Emergency Card Issuance

If you report your card has been lost or stolen, we will issue you with an "Emergency Replacement Card" on request. Please contact Membership Services Center for details.

Gold Corporate Card Benefits

The American Express Gold Corporate Card is ideal for frequent business travelers.

Airport Lounge Access

Gold Corporate Card Members have access to airport lounges in major domestic and overseas airports.

Domestic and International

We offer unlimited complimentary access to lounges at 28 domestic airports, as well as Honolulu International Airport in the United States. You can also invite one guest to join you free of charge.

Priority PassTM

Priority Pass gives you greater access to over 1,200 participating VIP airport lounges worldwide. Gold Corporate Card Members have complimentary access to participating VIP lounges up to two times a year. Guests who do not have Priority Pass membership may accompany you to the lounges and access all available facilities for a fee of US$32 per person per visit.

Free Luggage Delivery*

Travel to and from the airport with your hands free. We offer free luggage delivery from your preferred location to the airport, and from the airport to your preferred location.
Service Available at: Narita International Airport / Chubu Centrair International Airport / Kansai International Airport / Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
(*) This service is available for overseas travel only.

Airport Cloak Service

You can store up to two items of luggage during your layover at Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Overseas Assist

Whenever you are traveling outside Japan, you have 24/7 access to assistance with medical and legal emergencies, arranging transportation and accommodation, and other useful travel information and services. Overseas Assist is available to you in both English and Japanese.

ANA@desk, JAL Online (*)

Make reservations and payment for discounted e-tickets for domestic flights 24/7 online via ANA@desk and/or JAL Online.

ETC Cards (*)

Each Corporate Card Member can apply for up to five ETC cards.
Annual Membership Fee: 550 yen (tax included) per card

Online Services

You can view your recent account activities and historical transactions 24/7, as well as download statements from the past 6 months by Online Statements.

Cash Advance Services - Corporate EXPRESS Cash® (*) (**)

Corporate EXPRESS Cash allows Corporate Card Members to have access to cash from participating ATMs around the globe.
Corporate EXPRESS Cash is considered a business loan. Companies are asked to use this cash advance service under their own responsibility, regardless of which party retains liability for payment.
Kanto Financial Bureau (13) N. 00405
* Company and employee enrollment is required.  ** The corporate application is subject to screening.

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We'll help you customize an American Express® Corporate Card program for your business.

American Express® Gold Corporate Card
American Express® Gold Corporate Card