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Start earning 1.1% Annual Percentage
Yield (APY)1 and learn about all your
American Express® Business Checking
account has to offer. Capped at $500,000.

For all the work you put into your business, you deserve more –
and that's why we're giving it to you.

1.1% APY1 on balances up
to $500,000

No monthly maintenance fees
and no minimum balances 2

24/7 customer service from
specialists via chat or phone

Funding Your Account

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Direct Deposit


Sync your new Business Checking account to a current account so you can schedule regular deposits.


Set up direct deposit

Linked Accounts


Connect another bank account to your Business Checking account and be able to make deposits whenever you need via ACH or wire (domestic).


Link accounts

Mobile Deposits (iOS only)3


Make deposits from virtually anywhere by snapping a picture of your checks. Upload your photo within the American Express® Business Checking App, and your deposit will go directly into your account.


Deposit a check

Making Payments

Pay Bills with Ease


Pay vendors, bills, and more with one click, online or through the mobile app (iOS only).


Set up payment

Transfer Funds2


Transfer funds from additional banking accounts using ACH or domestic wires.


Transfer funds

Order Checkbooks


Purchase checkbooks whenever you need them.


Order Checkbooks

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Servicing and Security

24/7 Service


The services you depend on are available at any time. Chat or call one of our specialists whenever you need help.

Purchase Protection4 and Extended Warranty5


Covered Purchases made with your eligible Card may be protected with the added benefits of Purchase Protection4 and Extended Warranty5.

Debit Card Services


Visit the “Manage Your Business Debit Cards” page to view Card details, freeze your Card, request a replacement Card, and explore available Card services.


Manage Your Business Debit Cards

Set up Account Alerts


Don’t miss any important changes to your account. Keep up to date on your account by setting up alerts.


Set up alerts

Business Debit Card Details

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All Business Checking accounts come with an American Express® Business Debit Card. The Business Debit Card can be used for ATM withdrawals and purchasing needs.

Go Contactless


Contactless, chip-enabled technology enhances the safety and security of your Business Debit Card.

Find an ATM6


Enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals at 37,000 MoneyPass® ATM locations nationwide.Visit to find MoneyPass® ATMs in your area.6

Managing Your Account

Download the Mobile App (iOS only)7


Get banking done virtually anywhere with the help of the American Express® Business Checking App. Check statements, deposit checks, and more.


Download the app

Reset Your Password


Keep your account safe by quickly and easily changing your password.


Reset password

Manage Users


Keep track of user spending, set limits, and more on your account.


Check users

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Open Additional Accounts for Your Business


You can have up to 10 American Express Business Checking accounts for a single business. Earn 1.1% APY, up to $500,000 on each account.


Open additional account

Business Checking Account

Frequently Asked Questions


What is American Express® Business Checking?


American Express® Business Checking is an interest-bearing, no-maintenance-fee business checking account that enables small-to-medium businesses to make deposits, withdrawals, and conduct various types of transactions.

Can I have more than one American Express® Business Checking Account?


Yes, you can have up to 10 American Express® Business Checking accounts for a single business. Additional accounts can be opened within the Business Checking portal after initial account opening. Each American Express® Business Checking account is issued one American Express® Business Debit Card.

How does American Express® Business Checking work?


Business Checking is a fully digital online banking experience. All available applications, transactions, and account management functions can be conducted through the digital platform.

What if I have general questions about how the Business Checking or Business Debit works?


You can chat with a representative on our Contact Us page or call the Business Checking customer servicing line 24/5 at 855-497-1040. 

If I have Business Checking or Business Debit servicing questions, where should I go?


You can chat with a representative on our Contact Us page or call the Business Checking customer servicing line 24/5 at 855-497-1040.

Are there fees associated with the Business Checking account? 


Business checking offers:

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No fees for all incoming transactions (both domestic and international)
  • No fees for outgoing domestic ACH payments
  • $20 fee per for outgoing domestic wires
  • $20 fee per outgoing international transactions

Is the interest rate fixed?


No, Business Checking is a variable rate account. The APY on your account will be disclosed in the Rates & Fees Table. American Express, at its discretion, may change the interest rate and corresponding APY on the account before or after the account is opened.

When does interest begin to accrue on my Business Checking account?


Interest begins to accrue on the day funds are deposited into your Business Checking account.

How is interest calculated and when is it credited to my Business Checking account?


Interest is compounded daily and credited to your Business Checking account monthly on the last day of your monthly statement period. If the account is closed before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest.

Are there any Membership Rewards® points with American Express® Business Checking?


Currently, we are not offering Membership Rewards® points, but are working towards enabling this in the future.  

Can I pay my American Express® Card balance with my Business Checking account?


Yes, you can add your Business Checking account as a payment option in your existing American Express Online Account.

Is there a monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance requirement? 


There is no monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance requirement. 

What happens if I open a Business Checking account but don’t fund it?


You must fund your Business Checking account within 60 days of opening, or the account will be closed.

Is my Business Checking account FDIC insured?   


Yes, your Business Checking account is FDIC insured.


Accounts offered by American Express National Bank, Member FDIC. Funds deposited within American Express National Bank deposit accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to at least $250,000 per depositor. 

What types of checks are ineligible for deposit into American Express® Business Checking?


  • Checks that are more than 6 months old
  • Checks with any known or suspected alteration or which you (including any authorized person) know or suspect, or have reason to know or suspect, are unauthorized, fraudulent, or uncollectible
  • Unendorsed or improperly endorsed checks
  • International checks
  • U.S. Savings bonds
  • Money orders
  • MoneyGram
  • Travelers checks
  • Counter or starter checks (without the bank routing number, account number and check serial number encoded at the bottom)
  • Checks that have already been deposited or submitted for deposit (whether to your account with us or to another account of yours with another financial institution) by any means (including without limitation the U.S. mail or remote check deposit)
  • Checks that have already been converted to an image or copy or
  • Remotely created checks (checks that are not created by the paying bank and that do not include the signature of the drawer (maker) on whose account the check is drawn).

How can I use the American Express® Business Debit Card?


The American Express® Busines Debit Card can be used for ATM withdrawals and purchasing needs (point-of-sale or online).

How do I activate my Business Debit Card?


To activate your Card and set up your PIN, visit



Which ATMs can I use for fee-free withdrawals with my Business Debit Card?


You can enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals at 37,000 MoneyPass® ATM locations nationwide. Visit americanexpress/atm-locator to find MoneyPass® ATMS in your area.8