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So you can continue to save like a pro.

Strategies for Saving

High Yield Savings Accounts tend to offer higher interest rates than brick-and-mortar banks. But not all are created equal.

5 Strategies to Get More Out of Your Savings

Ensure your savings account and CD funds are working just as hard to grow your money as you did to save the money in the first place.

10 Ways to be a Better Saver

It’s never too late to start being a smart saver. Here are some approaches that could help make a better saver out of even the chronically savings-challenged.

The Best High-Interest Savings Accounts

Learn how to choose the best high-interest savings account for your savings needs.

Retirement Planning Guide

Utilizing this retirement planning guide can help you achieve your financial goals in retirement by outlining key planning moves.

Banking Education

APR and APY both describe your interest rate, but they aren’t the same thing. The difference is compounding.

How the Federal Funds Rate Affects Banks and Your Savings

When the US Federal Reserve lowers its rate, financial institutions tend to pay less interest on their high yield savings accounts in order to protect their profits.

Not Saving Enough for a Rainy Day?

Here are a few time-tested tips to jumpstart your short-term savings agenda and a short primer on some of the best financial tools for doing so.

What is a 1099 Form?

What you need to know about 1099s, plus an explanation of some of the most common types.

All About Retirement

Understanding the differences between Traditional and Roth IRAs can help you make the right choice for your future retirement needs.

Understanding Key Differences Between an IRA and a 401(k)

How do you build the savings you’ll need to retire comfortably? IRAs and 401(k)s both offer tax incentives and options that make it easier to save for retirement.

The Ins and Outs of Traditional IRA Contribution Limits

Learn about current traditional IRA contribution limits and how certain financial circumstances can impact your ability to deduct contributions.

Understanding Roth IRA Contribution Limits

Like traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs have strict maximum annual contribution limits. Here's what you need to know.

How Much Should You Save for Retirement?

Well over half of adult Americans—56 percent, to be precise—are unsure how much they should save for retirement.

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*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as advertised is accurate as of . Interest rate and APY are subject to change at any time without notice before and after a High Yield Savings Account is opened.


For a CD account, rates are subject to change at any time without notice before the account is opened. Your rate will be fixed on the business day‡ we receive your completed application, provided we receive your deposit within 30 days after your application is approved. After a CD is opened, additional deposits to the account are not permitted. Early CD withdrawals may be subject to significant penalties which could cause you to lose some of your principal. Please see the Deposit Account Agreement for additional terms and conditions and Truth-in-Savings disclosures.


**The national rate referenced is from the FDIC's published Monthly Rate Cap Information for Savings deposit products. Visit the FDIC website for details.


†You are generally permitted to make up to nine (9) withdrawals or transfers out of your High Yield Savings Account during a monthly statement cycle. However, please note that there are strict rules for withdrawing money from an IRA plan (including an IRA High Yield Savings Account) before retirement age without incurring a penalty. Read More in FAQs.


‡For purposes of transferring funds, business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Transfers can be initiated 24/7 via the website or phone, but any transfers initiated after 7:00 PM Eastern Time or on non-business days will begin to be processed on the next business day.


♢Calculations are estimates of expected interest earned. Actual results may vary, based on various factors such as leap years, timing of deposits, rounding, and variation in interest rates. The first recurring deposit is assumed to begin in the second period after any initial deposit.


§IRA Contributions are subject to aggregate annual limits across all IRA plans held at American Express or other institutions. IRA distributions may be taxed and subject to penalties based on IRS guidelines. Required minimum distribution, if applicable, is only relevant to this IRA plan and does not take into consideration other IRA plans held at American Express or other institutions. Please see for more information. We recommend you consult with a financial or tax advisor when making contributions to and distributions from an IRA plan account.