Earn more interest than your average Savings with a High Yield Savings Account.**

When you open an American Express® Savings High Yield Savings Account (HYSA), you're helping to grow your own money at a rate higher than the national rate.**

Amex Savings benefits

If you want easy access to your money at a high interest rate, then a High Yield Saving Account could be a great fit for you. Here's what to expect when you bank with us:

No minimum balance + no monthly fees1


24/7 world-class customer service

Easy access to your money, round-the-clock

Member FDIC

Strengthened by the service & reliability of American Express

At American Express, the customer always comes first.

Simple transfers and auto-deposits3

Managing your account online is seamless with American Express.

Compounding daily, depositing monthly

Your interest compounds daily and is deposited in your account monthly.

Monthly statements, your way

Digital statements are the online way, but we’re happy to mail your statements if you prefer.

Adjust the savings calculator to see your money’s potential.





No minimum required


5 Years

Monthly Deposit


Weekly Deposit


Start banking quickly.


Transferring money between your Savings account and your external bank account is easy to set up and complete online.


  1. Open an Account in minutes. To verify your identification, we’ll use your personal details to check public records – without affecting your credit. 
  2. Register your online savings account after you receive your confirmation email (within minutes of applying).
  3. Sign in and fund your new account by linking your current bank or mailing a check. Linking your external account can take up to 2 days.


See FAQs for further details about the transfer process, or contact us 24/7 with questions.

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Amex Savings IRA benefits

The Basics of High Yield Savings Accounts

High yield savings accounts are a flexible and easy way to earn interest while saving money.

Let’s start looking ahead

Your high-interest earnings are waiting.